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Chlo-Lo Love Week Has Begun!

In my previous post, I introduced iconic_cousins and gave some details about the Chlo-Lo Love Week and Fest.

Well, the Chlo-Lo Love Week has already BEGUN! So head over there and if you want to post, feel free! Fanworks and discussions are all welcome! It will last until midnight PST on Feb 22nd.

Also, directly following will be a Chlo-Lo Love Fest. While the Love Week is more centered around Chloe and Lois's relationship, this will allow for individual characters and ships too.

People submit prompts and you can claim them once the Love Fest starts.

Prompt submission is happening NOW and will last until the end of Love Week. So go HERE, read the rules and submit a few! :D
[beatles] help; flirting.

[fic] Here In Norman Rockwell's Neighborhood (1/2)

Title: Here In Norman Rockwell's Neighborhood (1/2)
Author: burningqueen 
Chloe, Clark, Lionel, a bunch of other people, Clark/Chloe, Jimmy/Chloe.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: in this chapter, from the first season through the beginning of the fourt season. through season eight in the next.
Word Count: 4,606.
Disclaimer: Smallville and its characters is owned by the CW, Warner Brothers, DC Comics and Al Gough and Miles Miller, not me. Also, a substantial amount of the dialog herein is from the show itself and was not written by me, I just incorporated it into my reading of the story.
Summary: At seventeen, Chloe Sullivan thought she had seen it all. A character study of Chloe Sullivan.
Author's Note: And to think that this started off in my head over a month ago now as a short little vignette of the Chlark scene in Arrival. Over 4500 words and hours upon hours of writing later, I haven't even gotten to Arrival yet. Up until fairly recently, this was going to be a one shot, but it was just getting so unwieldy that I thought I'd better post this now that I'm at a stopping point about half way through before its too long for all of your attention spans. Thanks, as always, to svgurl for the beta.

She had been so pissed at her father that morning.

[beatles] help; flirting.

[fic] The One Thing Chloe Could Never Get Used To

Title: The One Thing Chloe Could Never Get Used To
Author: burningqueen 
Fandom: Smallville
Characters: Chloe, Clark.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: 8x10 Bride
Word Count: 473
Summary: If you thought that if Chloe could deal with the whole "my best friends an alien" thing, she'd be fine with the smaller details that go along with it, you thought wrong.
Author's Note: Oh, the things that happen in my brain when I'm supposed to be studying for finals. This is basically total crack. And it's unbeta'd.

"I am not eating that."


Proposal, Clark/lois (How Oliver always succeeds to help his friends)

Title : PROPOSAL for svgurl
Characters/Pairings : Clark/Lois, Clois
Rating : PG
Warning : No beta, sorry. English isn't my mother tongue.
Summary : Why is it always so hard for Clark to talk to Lois?
About Lois and Oliver's friendship and

Collapse )