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svfriendships's Journal

Smallville Friendships
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A community for appreciating the friendships on Smallville
This is a community for Smallville friendships. Art, vids, fanfic, etc is all welcome, as long as it deals with the friendships in the show.

There are a few rules.

1. Be nice to everyone. Sounds cheesy but the golden rule applies. Concrit is one thing but bashing is unacceptable. Harassing other members could lead to being banned.

2. No character bashing either. Which means, no "Nois", "Chloe-Sue", "BDA", "squirrel" or any other variations of that will be tolerated. We all have our character preferences ... but keep it to your personal journals. To avoid unnecessary wank, I'm going to ban anything related to Chlois theory, as it is a sensitive topic within Smallville fandom.

3. Please keep large artwork and videos under a lj-cut. If you have more than 5 icons, please keep those under a cut as well.

4. Any fic over 100 words needs to be under a cut as well. A standard header is required, which looks something like this:

Word Count:

Ships are allowed but they really need to be in the background and the friendship should be the main focus. So I'm going to say that no NC-17 fics allowed. There are comms for that type of fics ... this is not one of them.

Most importantly, have fun!

All questions, comments and/or suggestions are welcome.

The layout was made by writing_light and header was made by the lovely ghosts!

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If you want to become an affiliate, PM saavikam77 or svgurl!